Insect Innate Immunity Database

About This Project:

The Insect Innate Immunity Database (IIID) was established as a resource for those interested in insect immunity and comparative biology research.

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive dataset of insect innate immunity genes in an open-access database as a collaborative resource for those investigating the diverse range of insects and insect immunity. The website interface allows researchers to search for a specific gene across model insect species, to find all immunity genes within a particular species, or to sort genes by a specific immune pathway. We also provide an internal BLAST tool that will identify similar genes within the database for any nucleotide or protein query. Please explore the IIID and provide feedback on the interface, content, and other features you would find useful for your research.

Copyright ©2011-2012 Robert Brucker

Generalized insect innate immune pathways based on Drosophila literature.